NVIDIA Rumored to Demand PCIe 6.0 16-Pin Power for GeForce RTX 50 Series GPUs

NVIDIA Reportedly Making PCIe 6.0 16-Pin Power Mandatory for RTX 50 GPUs

According to recent leaks, NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce RTX 50 series graphics cards will all require the new PCIe 6.0 16-pin power connector.

Sources suggest NVIDIA plans to mandate the next-gen power standard across its entire RTX 50 lineup, from high-end RTX 5090 cards down to mid-range RTX 5060 models.

The 16-pin connector can deliver up to 600W for top-tier cards and around 400W for mid-range models. This ensures adequate power delivery for the expected performance leap over existing RTX 30 series GPUs.

By uniformly adopting PCIe 6.0 power, NVIDIA simplifies both its own production and AIB partner card designs. Their whole RTX 50 stack would use the same new connector.

In contrast, AMD is not expected to make the switch for its next-gen Radeon cards. Customers with older PSUs can use adapters but may need upgrades to fully support next-gen power demands.

NVIDIA’s standardizing on PCIe 6.0 reflects its commitment to the emerging power standard. While users may need to adapt, it provides long-term advantages in power headroom and future-proofing RTX 50 series performance.

The requirement also indicates NVIDIA’s confidence that PCIe 6.0 PSUs will achieve sufficient market penetration by the RTX 50 launch later this year.

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