New Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Point to 2025 Launch With Upgrades

New Leaks Suggest Nintendo Switch 2 Could Launch in 2025 with Enhanced Specs

After over 6 years, Nintendo finally appears to be prepping a true successor to its hit Switch console based on emerging leaks. Sources suggest the tentative Nintendo Switch 2 will arrive in 2025 with hardware and compatibility upgrades.

While not yet confirmed, credible insider reports indicate Nintendo has pushed back its Switch 2 target from late 2024 to 2025. The rumored delay allows more time to polish the next-gen hybrid portable console.

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New Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Point to 2025 Launch With Upgrades 2

Expected improvements include a new custom Nvidia chip enabling 4K upscaling, more RAM and storage, and an 8-inch LCD display. Enhanced Joy-Cons may also help eliminate joystick drift issues.

Full backwards compatibility with current Switch games is strongly hinted. This ensures the Switch 2 can leverage the 100+ million strong software library right from launch.

Pricing looks to land around $400, a reasonable bump considering the performance uplift. But the core Switch hybrid concept remains for seamless TV and handheld play.

Nintendo is characteristically quiet on official hardware plans. For now these leaks offer the best glimpse at the Switch 2 and its tentative 2025 arrival. While not confirmed, the rumors suggest an exciting evolution lies ahead.

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