Mango Animation Maker: Free 6 Months License

Mango Animation Maker simplifies the animation creation process for both Mac and Windows users. Its user-friendly interface and rich collection of pre-designed templates empower anyone to effortlessly craft high-quality animations.

Forget about navigating intricate timelines and painstaking frame-by-frame editing. With Mango, creating animations is as simple as dragging and dropping pre-made objects, characters, and text onto the canvas. This approach allows you to focus on conveying your message without getting bogged down in details, akin to assembling digital Lego blocks.

Mango Animation Maker UI Main Window
Mango Animation Maker: Free 6 Months License 2

Mango Animation Maker Free for 6 Months:

First visit:

Click “Sign Up” and create an account.

Next, visit

Enter the below gift code.

For Windows UsersSMQP-NJIE-24VK-079M

Select the app as “Mango AM”, complete the captcha, and hit the “Submit” button.

That’s it. You have access to a 6-month subscription for free.

Download the software from here:

Click the download button under “Animation Maker.”

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