AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway 2024 – $170 Worth Softwares for Free

The AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway is now underway, offering users the opportunity to acquire four data backup software products with a combined value of $170 at no cost.

In celebration of World Backup Day on March 31, AOMEI is extending this generous giveaway, providing users with complimentary access to five of its popular products as a gesture of appreciation.

AOMEI World Backup Day Giveaway 2024:

Have you ever experienced the anguish of losing crucial data due to hard drive failures, virus attacks, ransomware infections, or human errors?

If you have, you understand the frustration and pain of recovering files or starting from scratch.

If not, consider yourself fortunate, but don’t mistake luck for absolute safety. Data loss is an unpredictable event that can affect anyone at any time.

That’s why regular data backups are crucial – a safeguard against potential disasters, ensuring quick and effortless restoration.

The questions arise: How do you go about backing up your data? What tools should you use? How frequently should you perform backups? And where should you store them?

To address these concerns, AOMEI presents the “World Backup Day Giveaway.” This special event not only emphasizes the significance of regular backups but also provides an opportunity for you to acquire five popular AOMEI products. These tools are designed to ensure data security across all your devices, offering a comprehensive solution to your backup needs.

All you need to do is visit this giveaway page and hit the “Get” button to claim all software or the software that you prefer.


The 4 popular AOMEI products that are available for free are:

  1. AOMEI Backupper Pro (worth $39.95).
  2. AOMEI FoneTool Pro (worth $29.95).
  3. AOMEI CBackup (Free)
  4. AOMEI Cyber Backup Unlimited for $499 (Worth $999)
  5. AOMEI MyRecover Pro (worth $49.95)
  6. AOMEI MyRecovery for iOS (worth $29.95)

The World Backup Day giveaway will be available till March 31st (2024).

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